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Have you ever been in a car lockout situation? If you haven’t yet experienced one, you’re very fortunate. That doesn’t, however, rule out the possibility of you experiencing an emergency car lockout situation at some time in the future. Losing your car keys or breaking them in ignition is more common than we’d like to believe; and when it happens, it is also one of the most frustrating experiences. The worst thing about automotive emergencies is that they can happen anytime, anywhere. In this situation, you can either panic or call for help from a specialist.

Our automotive locksmith service is available 24*7, seven days a week, throughout the year, even on holidays. When you call we dispatch one of our fully-equipped mobile locksmith units to your location. The skilled locksmith who arrives will then pick the lock or create new keys and get you back inside the vehicle. We have lots of training and experience to deal with such emergency situations, calmly, swiftly, and professionally. Watch them work and you’ll think there’s a magician working on your lock. A few twists of their tools and your car’s door, or trunk will fall open without causing any damage to your vehicle.

There are endless automotive locksmith scenarios you could face. For example, you might have a very sophisticated laser type key or an electronic chip key for your car, and since you misplaced it, you need another one made quickly. Affordable Locksmith Services has the experience to make these complex and sophisticated keys right there, on the spot. We’ve made such keys before for many of our clients and we can easily make one for you if you need one. Even if the key has broken inside the lock we can extract the key without damaging the lock, make a new key, and get you re-entry. It’s a skill we’ve practiced and perfected with our clients in Elgin, IL area for over 10 years now.

Our automotive locksmith services include:

  • 24*7 emergency locksmith serviceAffordable Locksmith Services Elgin, IL 847-447-0551
  • Cutting a new car key on-the-spot
  • Correct repair and replacement of old locks
  • Ignition key open and repair
  • Available right across Elgin, IL
  • Emergency car lockout
  • Entry door repair, if any.
  • Rekey and key cutting service on site
  • High-security laser car keys and transponder keys
  • Trunk unlock and car unlock 24/7
  • Broken key extraction

And more

As automotive technology keeps improving, our auto locksmiths strive to keep abreast with all the improvements. They understand the changing needs of the modern day technology and are capable of handling the toughest and latest locking systems. We can offer security solutions for the comprehensive safety of your vehicle.

Did your key break in the lock, or did it get jammed in the lock? Were you so lucky that although a car thief attempted to open your car door, he couldn’t, but he damaged the lock so bad that now you can’t insert the key? Has your car’s ignition system suddenly gone haywire? While you might be considering taking your vehicle to the car dealer, we can provide the same service at a much faster rate with even more finesse sans the lengthy bill your car dealer is bound to charge you.

Did you know that we don't provide emergency locksmith services at a premium? Affordable Locksmith Services is a team of affordable locksmiths whose main objective is their customer’s satisfaction at a reasonable price. Our price is lower than what the original car dealer offers, so that you can be assured of quick, efficient and cost-effective service every time you call us!

Affordable Locksmith Services Elgin, IL 847-447-0551