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We all have seen the apartment supervisors accessing all the locks with a single key. Have you ever wondered how they do that? The answer lies in the type of key they utilize, the key is called the master key. Master keys are highly popular amongst the ware houses, hotels, commercial premises, apartments and other places due to the ease of access it offers. We all know how problematic carrying a bunch of keys can be, which is why we recommend our clients to have master key system for their homes/ commercial spaces. Affordable Locksmith Services is an expert in devising master key solutions and has helped numerous clients in the Elgin, IL area.

How does it work?

A set of locks are devised in such a manner that they can be accessed with a single key; the master key. The master key-pad locks tend to operate in two ways, the first way is to be operated with a key that is specific to the locks, the other way is to be accessed with the master key. The locks carry a distinctive mechanism such that they can only be accessed with the change key. The second mechanism that is endowed is just as the ones in all the other locks of the set. We would craft a master key to operate all the locks utilizing this second mechanism. In some cases, we would also design sub-master keys, but that is often for larger enterprises.

Affordable Locksmith Services Elgin, IL 847-447-0551Do you want a master key?

Having a master key can come with great benefits such as the following:

  • One key for all the locks
  • Elimination of a bunch of keys
  • Limited access to your locks
  • Specific part can be accessed too if you misplace your change keys
  • Overall control of your home or business security

It is clear that master keys offer a number of advantages, but when it comes to issues such as these, you need to always depend upon an expert for the last say. Every other organization has got different needs, and the experts of Affordable Locksmith Services will assess your property and determine what suits best for you.

24/7 master key services:

We extend our services for 24/7 and hence can devise master key system as and when you require. If you have misplaced your master key, call us at 847-447-0551 at anytime from anywhere in Elgin, IL and we will happily extend our services.