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Affordable Locksmith Services Elgin, IL 847-447-0551Affordable Locksmith Services is a 24-hour locksmith service provider that provides excellent locksmith services to the community of Elgin, IL area. We specialize in key cutting services, programming transponder keys and are appreciated by hundreds of vehicle owners for providing refined services with swiftness and for affordable prices.

Protection against car theft:

Just a few decades ago, car thefts weren’t a rarity. At any point of the day, burglars would break in to the car and get it running in a few minutes. But with the introduction of transponder keys, things got quite complicated for vandals. Transponder keys put an end to cars being hotwired, and has eventually reduced the number of car thefts.

What is the process behind it?

Unlike remote controlled keys, transponder keys work independently. Generally, a transponder key carries a microchip within it. The microchip contains a serial number that differs from other keys. Just as the key is inserted into the switch, a low-level signal is transmitted and the car validates it to deactivate the immobilizer. In other complicated versions of transponder keys, rolling codes are encrypted into the system which makes a particular code useless after one use. The codes keep changing after every use, and makes transponder key duplication difficult.

Why do you need an expert for this?

Have you misplaced your transponder key? Want your keys to be replaced? As the keys are designed to provide high security, the complicated and sophisticated design of the transponder key makes it quite difficult for cloning. There are two aspects to a transponder key, one is the key blade that has to be cut with perfection to turn the locks, and the other is the chip needs to be programmed rightly to deactivate the vehicle’s immobilizer. Knowing the complications of it, you can easily make out that only a professional auto expert can help you with the crafting of transponder keys, which is why you need to call Affordable Locksmith Services.

Get transponder key made in 30 minutes:

If you are afraid that your transponder keys might fall into the wrong hands, as you can’t find it in your pockets anymore, then worry not! Just grab your phone and call Affordable Locksmith Services and we will quickly arrive at your place with our mobile locksmith vehicles that are stocked with cutting-edge machinery and craft a new transponder key and even reprogram the chip within to get your vehicle running in no tim,. With their expertise, skill and experience, our auto professionals can design your transponder keys within 30 minutes! 

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